Focus on strategy 

We work with top-tier Australian and multinational firms, as well as State and Federal Government departments, to solve their most critical problems. We focus on strategic priorities, rather than implementation programs or operational issues. Clients turn to us for ideas and advice, and we work collaboratively with them to shape their future direction.

Involvement and ownership

We work in smaller teams, with fewer Consultants per Partner than other management consulting firms. Everyone in the team has the opportunity to make a contribution to the problem solving, working alongside experienced Partners and our clients’ senior executives.

Distinctive approach 

Our approach is driven by facts and analysis, rather than accepted organisational wisdom. We are focused on helping our clients make actionable and implementable decisions.

Our Consultants extract critical insights through data analysis; synthesise results to generate distinctive solutions; form close client relationships for engagement success; and prepare meaningful communications for senior business leaders. From Business Analyst to Partner, career progression at EY PJP is based on each individual’s rate of development, rather than a rigid promotion schedule.

Hear what some of our people have to say:

At the beginning of their strategy consulting careers, Business Analysts acquire new capabilities and responsibilities at a rapid rate. They have the opportunity to build a deep understanding of their part of the problem, as well as the chance to develop their broader business and problem-solving abilities. Over several studies, Business Analysts also develop their expertise in working with clients, preparing effective communication materials, and delivering presentations. High performing Business Analysts typically find they are given more scope to work independently, applying their creativity and intellect to deliver unique, high impact analyses and generate real insights. Most Consultants join EY Port Jackson Partners as Business Analysts, with support and guidance to enable their rapid development.

Exceptional commercial analytical skills and increased experience allow our Associates to focus on drawing out the key insights that will help solve our clients’ problems.  Associates also contribute to the initial problem definition, the day-to-day management of the project, and the preparation and delivery of communication materials for senior client management teams and boards. Associates quickly find themselves taking ownership of important streams of work within an overall study. Most people who join our firm as Associates have substantial consulting or relevant industry experience. Our Senior Associates are given additional scope to develop problem solving and project leadership capabilities. Senior Associates also receive increased responsibility for the management of our project teams, and for providing advice, coaching and guidance to other team members. Our Senior Associates play a significant role in leading firm activities and initiatives.

Promotion to Associate Principal indicates progression as a leader of our firm. Associate Principals have demonstrated their abilities as outstanding problem solvers, engagement managers, and coaches for other team members, as well as an ability to develop enduring client relationships. Associate Principals find themselves increasingly seen by clients as an advisor and thought partner around their most critical issues. Associate Principals take a more active role in leading our relationships with clients, in addition to continuing to lead and manage the problem solving effort in individual engagements.

Partners are our most experienced practice leaders. Each of our Partners has many years of experience and an exceptional track record. Our Partners’ deep business knowledge, experience and acumen help them to advise senior executives on strategic and organisational issues and how to set their organisation’s broader agenda. Our Partners are actively involved in leading the problem solving in our project teams. In addition, our Partners are involved in thought leadership and are highly respected members of the business community.