Joining EY Port Jackson Partners will give you an unparalleled development experience and the opportunity to work with a diverse team of outstanding individuals.


Our firm is made up of individuals with different backgrounds and experience. We don’t restrict our recruitment to a certain ‘type’ of person or a particular academic or employment history, as we believe that diversity of thought and experience allows us to engage different perspectives and deliver better solutions to problems. It also makes for a more interesting and enjoyable place to work!

Our projects are diverse too, and you will experience the variety that comes with engaging with senior leaders of public and private companies across many industries, and federal and state governments. Importantly, our approach means that you will not be pigeon-holed into specialising in a particular industry or type of project – you will have broad exposure to a range of different types of clients and problem solving approaches. We work across locations, with top-tier clients based in Sydney, around Australia, and overseas.

We offer a wide range of benefits to our employees with a focus on tailoring benefits to suit our employees’ changing needs throughout their career.

Beyond work, we make time to celebrate milestones and enjoy a range of firm events and social activities.


Each employee is paired with a Development Leader, a Partner who works closely with them on a personalised development plan, with regular meetings to support their progress. Our approach to development is based on three main principles:

  • Flexibility – We recognise that each employee’s particular training and development needs will be different, based on factors such as experience and learning styles. We tailor our programs to build the skills to excel at each career stage, involving a range of employees in their design and development.
  • Always Learning – We believe that the best skill development comes from firsthand experience,  working alongside our Partners and senior Consultants in small teams. Our Consultants develop quickly with opportunities to engage in analysis, problem solving, client engagement and presentations from the beginning of their careers. Our training programs complement this on-the-job skill development.
  • Variety – Our programs are diverse and designed to stoke the curiosity of our employees, who all share a genuine interest in learning. We deliver programs in a variety of ways, including via online training, workshops, monthly in-house Development Lunches, seminars, and our twice-yearly Training & Development Offsites. Throughout the year, programs are led by a combination of Partners and Consultants, leading practitioners, external institutions and interesting guest speakers.

Further development opportunities

We are pleased to support high performing employees with a number of other opportunities for accelerated development through experiences that help to develop both professional and personal skills:

  • Studying overseas for an MBA or other higher degree
  • International secondments through our client and alumni network
  • Sabbatical for senior Consultants looking to travel, participate in a pro bono project or seek international work experience


Diversity is one of our core values, and we recognise that our strength comes from our differences – in our perspectives, approach to problem solving, communication styles, and life experience. We believe that diversity and inclusion are critical to our success, and the success of our clients. Our Consultants and Partners come from diverse backgrounds in terms of industry, education, international work experience, interests, cultural and family backgrounds, age and much more.

For us, diversity means understanding that each individual is unique, and recognising, accepting and respecting our individual differences. These can include gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or ideas. We are proud of our collegial, non-competitive environment, where people work collaboratively and respectfully. An area of particular focus for us is our commitment to improving gender diversity at EY Port Jackson Partners. We have made some progress, but like many organisations, we need to do better. As a firm, we have agreed on some clear objectives to increase the representation of women (particularly at senior levels), which we believe is vital to the continued success of our firm.


We offer an evolving range of benefits, designed to meet the varying needs of our employees over the course of their careers and lives outside of work. Examples of some of our benefits include:

  • We offer genuine support for parents and families with a number of related benefits:
    • Paid Parental Leave to support Mums or Dads caring for their new baby
    • Prioritised staffing on local projects, if preferred
  • Flexibility of days and hours – we have a number of people working part-time; others with external commitments that mean they need to start and finish their days at particular times; others who need to take extra leave at certain times of the year. We balance these requirements across our projects and support our employees with tailored staffing plans.
  • We look after our health and wellbeing with support for various EY Port Jackson Partners sports teams and events and making time for social connection and relaxation.
  • Our ideas@PJP series of interesting guest speakers offers direct access to an impressive collection of experts and leading practitioners, provoking our thinking across a wide range of topics.


We are a close-knit firm with a diverse and collaborative culture

We value our relationships with each other, and enjoy spending time together out of the office through a range of EY Port Jackson Partners events and other activities initiated by our Consultants.

Some of our social activities include:

  • Biennial Retreat
  • Multiple sporting events throughout the year, including tennis tournaments, kayaking expeditions, corporate triathlons and lawn bowls
  • Small groups for volunteering opportunities
  • Guest speakers and roundtable discussions and debates
  • Optional after-hours events