If you are a management consultant and you are looking for a different consulting experience, EY Port Jackson Partners offers an extraordinary career opportunity. We are based in Sydney, with regular opportunities to work on strategy projects interstate and overseas, serving top-tier clients at the executive level and helping them to solve their most important problems. You will benefit from tailored development opportunities throughout your career as you learn from and with a group of truly outstanding colleagues and leaders.

We also hire people with non-consulting experience that is relevant to our work, whether that experience is from industry, medicine, government, further studies or postdoctoral research.


If you have a PhD, MD or MBA, EY Port Jackson Partners offers a unique opportunity for you to work on projects that make a real impact. Successful candidates generally join our practice as Business Analysts and we work closely with them to develop their consulting toolkit to complement the experience they have already gained during their advanced degree and prior work.

We value the analytical ability and diversity of thinking that these degrees bring to our practice, along with the tenacity and focus brought to solving complex problems. You enjoy the satisfaction of working on interesting and challenging issues to generate new insights, and this background pairs well with your role at EY Port Jackson Partners. Our Consultants with advanced degrees come from Engineering, Science, Medicine and the Humanities.


To apply for a position at EY Port Jackson Partners, please complete our online form and include a single page covering letter, your academic transcript(s) and CV.