Bowrun Hou

My insatiable intellectual curiosity and drive for continuous development landed me in consulting. I wanted to work alongside like-minded people in a diverse and collaborative environment while making a real-world impact.




  • Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws from the University of Sydney
  • Hiker. (Board) gamer. World traveler.

Top three things you’ve learned since you became a consultant?
Clear and compelling communication; prioritisation of key issues; ability to deliver quality outputs under time pressure

What is your dream job (other than consulting)?
Environmental scientist

Describe your colleagues in five words.
Structured, collaborative, intellectual, dependable, inspirational

Most of my work is in the deals space, advising clients on whether or not to spend large sums on a company. It’s exciting and impactful work. Helping our clients to make decisions by developing a pragmatic investment thesis approach is what gets me out of bed each morning.

Miles Tam




  • Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours) from the University of NSW
  • Cyclist. Basketball fan (go Spurs). Foodie.

Examples of some interesting problems you’ve worked on?
Some of my favourite projects have been in the healthcare and consumer spaces, as these are often the most relatable and tangible. The problems we solve are very complex, with many moving parts. Whether we are being asked to assess the so-called “death spiral” facing private health insurance and its impact on the health system, or investigating the viability of a quick service restaurant chain for a PE fund, our work is so varied and always interesting.

What would be your alternative dream career, if you weren’t a consultant?
I’d love to host one of those travel/food shows where you get paid to experience different cultures and food. I would draw the line on eating insects though.

What do you think are key qualities for success as a consultant?
I would say: adaptability, pragmatism and rigour. As consultants, we never know what is on the horizon; we need to be able to work closely with clients to clearly define the problem and the actionable steps to solve it; we are committed to the quality of our analysis and insights to help our clients make better decisions.

Kevin Lieu

I joined EY PJP because of the problems we get to solve with our clients, and that is the reason I continue to stay. There is a concentration of strategic problems that we work on which I believe is not fully reflected anywhere else in the market.




  • Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and Master of Organisational Psychology from Macquarie University
  • Building DIY skills. Investor. Fan of good design (cars, watches, art, architecture).

What is a non-work related problem that you would really like to solve?
How we make self-awareness, empathy and critical thinking foundational skills that are embedded into our education curriculum. I think a lack of these skills are at the core of many societal issues.

What interview tips do you have for candidates interested in a career in consulting?
Immerse yourself in the case and the problem you’re being asked to solve. Let your natural problem-solving instincts shine – try to avoid forcing the application of frameworks that do not actually address the questions you are being asked. As interviewers, we want to see beyond an over-rehearsed response.

Best life advice you’ve been given?
I am drawn to phrases that remind me to cherish my time, such as the first lines of the Auguries of Innocence by William Blake, or Memento Mori. There’s also the immortal words of my mother: “Don’t steal things Kevin”.

I work with private equity firms and corporate clients to provide strategic advice on their M&A endeavours. Over the years, I’ve analysed trends, complex issues, risks and opportunities in almost every industry.

Andrea del Castillo




  • MBA; Bachelor of Arts (Applied Mathematics)
  • Bushwalker. Baker.

What is the most obscure project you have worked on?
A project that involved traveling throughout Australia visiting rubbish truck sites – interestingly, after a while, you get used to the smell.

What were the most valuable take-aways from your MBA?
Meeting a lot of interesting people, getting to know more about strategy consulting and starting a career in the field. My MBA studies also brought me to Australia, where I got to know Sydney and decided to stay.

What is your ideal holiday destination post-COVID?
A nice and calm beach in Mexico – after a stop in Mexico City to drop our children off with their grandparents!